Today, I’m going to talk about 5 football drills for Receivers, that are great for warmup, and incorporate your quarterbacks as well as receivers.

Stance Drill

Stance DrillWhat we’re going to emphasize here in our first drill is your receivers’ stance. You want to ensure they’ve got their proper foot forward, their eyes are looking inside, and their hands are in a good position. With the quarterbacks, it’s merely a one-step drop.

It’s a warm-up pace and we’ll start with just a basic one-step drop and a look-in. The idea here is working on just your release, your eyes on the ball, catching, and tucking.

In today’s offenses, a lot of quarterbacks are in the gun and receivers have to catch the ball quickly off the line. So we can put our quarterbacks in the gun position and do basically the same look-in drill.


The Fade Ball Drill

Fade Ball DrillThe fade ball is a good football drill to work, in terms of focusing on the ball and reaching for it at its highest point. It’s also a nice warm-up for the quarterback’s arm.

We’re going to go with a three-step drop and just throw a fade ball to the receivers, let them catch it at its highest point, working on a nice outside release.


Bubble Screen Throw Drill

Bubble Screen DrillFor the next warm-up, a lot of things have the bubble screen or the quick screen concept in their offense. It’s a nice throw for the quarterback to warm his arm up. It’s a good movement drill for your receivers. So what we can do is put together a one-step bubble screen concept throw, with the receiver keeping his shoulders square to the line of scrimmage, focusing on catching the football and working down field.

The receiver now has to focus on movement with the ball, and then find the flight of the ball and catch the ball, tucking it, and advancing it.

The quarterback is focused on placing the ball in that upfield shoulder so the receiver can run and catch the ball.


The Last 5 Yards Drill

Last 5 Yards DrillIn this football drill, what we’re going to do is break down a route and we’re going to run the last five yards of a hook route, or it could be a comeback, anything that involves planting that outside foot and returning back to the quarterback.

In an effort to save legs, we just break it down to the last five yards. The quarterback still delivers the ball on time and the emphasis is for the receiver to come back, meet the football, catch it, tuck it, and then turn out and make a run. So this’ll be the last five yards of a hook route.

By isolating this part of the drill, we can work on a couple of things. We can work on the sticking the route and planting, coming back to the football, catching the football out in front, and then tucking it and turning upfield. And then we can do it in a shortened form so we get lots of reps and lots of emphasis on the important things of receiving the football.


Out Route Drill

Out Route DrillA short version of the five-yard out route would be to combine two things – sticking our inside foot so we can make our outside break, but then catching the ball and trying to maintain the ball in play in the sideline. In other words, fighting the sideline to stay and work upfield.

So the key is for the quarterback to deliver the ball just short of the sideline. The receiver’s key is catch the ball, tuck it, avoid running out of bounds, and getting upfield.

And you can do this with all your routes. Break down the last component of that route. Work on the techniques that make that route successful, therefore getting more reps in a shorter version and emphasizing the key points in that football drill.

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