Improving catching ability in a variety of situations

Drill Setup

  • Setup 2 coaches facing each other 10 yards apart, each with several footballs
  • Player participating in drill lines up between coaches, facing downfield
  • Place a cone 5 yards to the left of the player, with a defensive back playing 2-3 yards downfield off the cone

How it Works

  1. Coach makes pass to receiver, who catches the ball before quickly spinning 180 degrees to make a 2nd catch from the coach behind him throwing the next pass.
  2. Player then immediately sprints for the cone, catching a bullet pass from the 1st coach and then cutting downfield at the cone.
  3. Player must then beat the downfield and receive a pass over the top from the 2nd coach to finish off the rep.

Coaching Tips

  • For maximum effectiveness, this drill needs to be run crisply, with the coaches throwing anticipatory passes to force the receiver to locate the pass quickly and make the catch