In today’s blog post, I am featuring a couple of quick quarterback conditioning exercises that a quarterback can do on his own to build up core strength!

Quarterback Conditioning: Core Strength

Do these quarterback conditioning exercises for a minute or two a day, and you’ll be amazed how much and how quickly you can build up your core strength.

Plank Exercises

The first exercise we’re going to do is just a simple plank exercise. You can do this exercise at home, while you’re watching your favorite team!

Get down on your elbows/forearms and toes, and maintain a strong perpendicular position. Begin holding that position for thirty seconds, and then increase to 45 seconds. (Hold it for a commercial break.)

quarterback conditioning 0

Now flip over onto your side, with weight on your forearm and the sides of your foot. Your feet should be one on top of the other. Hold a strong perpendicular position for a brief amount of time, and then you’ll flip it over to the other side.

quarterback conditioning 1

And when you get really good, you could start adding some leg raises. Begin by moving the top leg in and out, and then try in, out and up (in an “L”). Do this for a minute, two minutes and you’ll be amazed how much and how quickly you can build up.

quarterback conditioning 2

And then there are the traditional sit-ups and leg ups – all of these will also work your abs and core.


Medicine Ball Exercises

What can you do in the gym? On the football field? Grab a medicine ball!

  1. First, straddle the line like you’re in that pocket. And your first movement is just going to be a pressing movement, tossing that ball out directly in front of you.
  2. Next, to build up those abs, hips and whole core movement, we are going to twist at the waist, in one direction at a time.
  3. Holding the ball, twist fully to one side, and then untwist and toss the ball to the other side. Make sure you go both ways. You don’t want to be one-sided! Always use both sides.

quarterback conditioning 3

This is a little tougher twist.   Instead of just pressing, now we’re going to lengthen. You are going to work on having straight arms and lengthening. That forces you to use your entire core. It forces you to use your hips.

  1. Holding the ball, relax and your arms and let them lengthen.
  2. Keeping the arms lengthened, twist fully to one side and then untwist fully and toss the ball to the other side.

 quarterback conditioning 4

These are just a couple of simple things a quarterback can do to improve his game. The more you do, the better you get. The better you get, the better quarterback you’ll be.


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