Drill Type:   Receiver Drill


In this drill, we use a three-deep concept defensive alignment.   This is a great opportunity for quarterbacks to see spacing, for receivers to see the seams, and to work on all the fundamentals.

Set Up

  • 2 quarterbacks and 2 receivers
  • 5 cones and 3 three barrels set up as the two corner positions and the middle safety


  1. The outside receiver will be running the hook route.
  2. The inside receiver will be running the flat combination.
  3. The quarterbacks will go through their read. (During the drill these are stationary reads, but in a live situation they would be reading off the underneath coverage.)
  4. Because we’re using two quarterbacks and two receivers, one quarterback will go one two progression, and the other quarterback will throw to the first progression. In this case, the first progression is the hook route.
  5. Again, we’re emphasizing seeing spacing in defensive alignments, and then going through our quarterback progression.
  6. This is a hook-flat combination.

Coaching Tips

  • Emphasize all the same things you do in basic drills. You want to have that body lean, hands and release working in space, coming back to the ball, sticking your routes, reaching out to catch the football. Hook-flat combination.