I came up with this blocking drill for my players who were (1) starting football for the 1st time or (2) were timid about hitting.   Every team has players who are afraid to hit.

Blocking Drill for Timid Players

Set up a tackling dummy in the backfield.
Position one boy with a blocking pad in front of the dummy as an offensive lineman. Opposing the boy with the blocking pad will be one boy in a 3 point stance.

I crouch at the line with a football.   I will do a count, but the drill begins only when the football is moved. “False starts” results in push ups.

The opposing player is to explode out of his 3-point stance and hit the boy w/ the blocking pad, turn the blocker’s shoulder and then tackle the dummy in the “backfield”.

Once the tackle is made I will toss the football to the ground.   Everyone must yell, “ball” and the tackler must grab and fall on the ball.   The tackler then takes over the blocking pad.   The cycle repeats.

Learning strategies:
1. For new or timid players teaches them tackling basics.
2. Allows them to hit someone before tackling
3. Keeps everyone involved by watching for the “fumble” and yelling ball
4. Teaches ball importance and fundamentals of fumble recoveries.