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If you are looking for more great football plays, I have got another killer play for you today!   The “Weak I Left Bootleg Right”

Football Plays – The Strategy

Some QB’s are simply more comfortable outside of the pocket, especially when you get into the red zone.   That’s why I prefer to call this play when I’m down inside the 20 yard line. One of the biggest advantages of the roll out in the red zone is that it forces a defender on the roll side to either leave their zone/man, or it leaves a huge running lane open to the QB.

football plays Weak Left Bootleg Right

Player Responsibilities

Offensive Line
LT: Slides inside, blocks man outside.
LG: Pulls weak side to block OB for QB’s rollout.
C: Double teams NT with RG.
RG: Double teams NT with C.
RT: Pass blocks man.

Backs & Receivers
TE: Runs a deep in route.
Y: Runs a post route.
Z: Runs a streak outside CB.
FB: Runs a flat route.
TB: Sells counter fake, protects on the back side.
QB: Sells TB handoff, bootlegs right and goes through progression.

Coaching Tips

  • The FB is going to need to lay a block on the weak side OB before going out into the flat to give the LG time to get across the field.
  • The QB wants to get outside to the corner, making his reads from the FB, up to the TE, and then to the two deep options.
  • If the defense shows a heavy blitz presnap, audible out

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