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These [tag]free youth football drills[/tag] might be more effective for younger players – but you can always give it a try with the older ones.  This [tag]football[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag] is a great drill to teach teamwork to your players.Free Youth Football Drills

What you need – Divide the players up into teams of five or six and cordon them off in an area that is about 20 yards by 20 yards.  The players should be in a single file line, grasping the jersey of the player in front of them.

How this drill works –
The front players will lead the group of players around in the 20X20 area.  The team must stay connected; otherwise those that break off from the main leader will be removed from the game.

The front player must lead the team around the box in order to pick off the last player in the line of the other side.  They must do this without losing any of their players.

The [tag]teamwork[/tag] comes in when players work together to move forward, to the side, or to chase the other side.  If players are doing their own thing, they will end up breaking off of the chain.

The side that ends up picking off all of another side’s players and reaching the front player wins this competitive drill.

Result – There is good team-building that can be done with this drill as players learn to work together and to have fun with one another.

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