High School Football Drills – Open Field

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I find that traditional high school football drills can get a bit stale.  Here’s an idea that will liven things up quite at your practices.High School Football Drills

From Tony…
I coach the freshmen at the our high school. This is a football drill I use called open field.
Start with two cones 7 yards apart and two more twelve yards deep.

  • Place a running back or receiver five yards in front of a defender and a second defender five yards behind the first one.
  • At the snap the running back tries to advance the football as best he can between the cones. He can try to run over the defender or shake and bake. Whatever he wants.
  • After the whistle the back rotates with the first defender and so on to the back of the line. You can add a lead blocker and another defender.

I feel this drill improves our open field tackling as well as open field running. I hope this drill can benefit other football coaches and look forward to getting some ideas from them.

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