Offensive Football Plays

Having a good offensive line is crucial to winning a football game. Not only do you need a wide arsenal of plays and a smart quarterback who calls the plays appropriately, all the players on the line have to have enough practice and understand of each play for the plays to be effective. Use these simple offensive football plays as either plays in your playbook or as a springboard to using each member of your team to their full advantage and skill set when creating your own plays.Offensive Football Plays

The first of the offensive football plays is an easy wing right play. Remember that any play that is coordinated for the right side can be easily mirrored on the left side, depending on where your players feel more comfortable or where the opposing team’s defense is expecting the play to play out. If they anticipate a right wing and you run a left instead, you may be able to subvert some of their defensive line which can lead to ample yardage gaining opportunities.

For the first of the right wing offensive football plays have your quarterback pass the ball behind him to the running back. At this point the running back has a variety of options on where to run the ball, depending on where he believes he can best get through. This play also makes use of a wing back that doubles up the running back to block him from attackers. Make sure that the other members of the offensive line, especially those on the right side do an effective job of blocking the defensive line to allow the running back to cut through.

The next offensive football play is a variation on the aforementioned right wing play but instead of running with the ball, the running back takes off when the play begins for the right hand side of the offensive line. As soon as there is an opening, the quarterback throws to the running back. The wing back’s job for this play is to guard the up field spot where the running back is to catch the ball, leaving it free from pursuers. The other members of the offensive line are there to help the wing back with this arduous task.

The final of the wing right offensive football plays is the reverse. For this play, the formation is the same as the previous two plays, but instead of just playing guard, the wing back is to sprint behind the quarterback as the play begins. The wing back continues running deep to the end of the left side of the offensive line, where he waits to catch the pass from the quarterback. In the meantime, the full back runs a little flatter to his right than on the previous sweep play so that he manages to run just behind the wing back. This play works best when you can catch the other team sleeping. Run it after a series of less-complicated plays and they will never know what hit them!

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