Peewee Football – Coaching Tips

If you are coaching pee wee football, check out these tips. One is to teach them to step and use their hands when blocking on the O-line. The other the difference between “pain” and “injury”.

Have the O-line stand as they would for a normal double tight end formation.  On the snap count, vary the snap count. Have them step forward with the play side foot, throw their hands forward (like going into the D-lines middle chest) and yell “Hieee Yaah”, just like a Kung Fu Warrior, Ninja Turtle…you get the picture.

The kids love it and this really teaches them to fire off.  I have them go home and practice this too. Some kids really had fun hiding around hallway corners and firing off at their parents with a “Hieee Yaah”!  It scared a few Moms and Dads along the way.

For pain and injury I will do a short demonstration the first day in full pads.  I huddle the team and tell them that this was the first day as real football players; full pads.  They loved hearing this.  I then tell them that there is difference between “pain” and “injury” in football.  I  take the back of my hand and hit it fairly hard an a players helmet…thump.

Of course the player felt nothing, but my hand would normally show a red mark or slight bruise. “…Gentlemen, my hand hurts, it is painful, but I not injured..”  There would be a few ooohs and aaahs.  I told them that the  coaches will take care of them when they get injured, but that pain is part of football. We as Coaches will help them work through pain, but to have confidence that they weren’t injured just because it hurt.  The kids loved it.

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