Quarterback Drills – Footwork & Arm Strength

If you’re looking for preseason [tag]football[/tag] [tag]quarterback drills[/tag], try this one for improved footwork skills and arm strength.

  • QB stands with feet shoulder width apart, arms straight out to his sides parallel to the ground (like he’s doing shoulder height jumping jacks position).
  • QB then holds the football and makes a 90 degree angle with his throwing arm (with ball)
  • On coach’s signal QB back pedals (quick chopping steps)
  • On coach’s signal, QB throws the ball in direction of football coach’s signal.
  • The QB must move his feet quickly and align shoulders to throwing target, while maintaining arm position.
  • If coach’s signal is to the QB’s left (coach’s right), QB does nothing more than look at target push off back foot and throw the football to the target (for a right-handed QB).
  • If coach’s signal is to the QB’s right (coach’s left), QB must rotate body 180 degrees turning from left to right, maintaining arm positions, then push off back leg and throw to target.

The secret is maintaining the arm positions to start the throw and throwing off the back leg.  By throwing from this position, QB should develop a quicker release while developing arm strength.  QB also learns footwork to get into a good throwing position.
The main concern with this [tag]football drill[/tag] is getting the QB to throw off his back foot and step into the throw.

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