Play Type: Zone Coverage


When the offense is looking to complete a deep pass – 3rd and long, or at the end of a half or the game – this is a fantastic playcall.

While it leaves the underneath routes open, with all four members of the secondary back, it’s very difficult for the offense to complete anything deep.

cover 4 zone
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The defense will align the in a Cover 2 alignment, with both safeties playing deep and the corners playing off their receivers.

  • Defensive Line – All three defensive linemen will play their regular two gap responsibilities, flowing to the ball and looking to sack the quarterback.
  • Linebackers – The Will and Sam linebackers will both drop back to play curl to flat zones, while the Mike and Ted backers play middle hook zones.
  • Secondary – All four members of the secondary will drop back, splitting the deep zone responsibilities four ways.“


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