In this video, we are sharing 3 excellent Running Back Drill ideas that focus on catching – the One-Hand Warm Up, the Over the Shoulder and the Opposite Hip Running Back Drill.

3 Excellent Catching Drills for Running Backs

One-Hand Warm-Up Running Back Drill

This running back drill is performed pre-practice, usually 15 minutes before anybody hits the field, and includes the receivers and the running backs together. The purpose of this drill is to work on catching the ball with one hand.

  • Focus on the ball, use some body control, and catch the ball with our up field hand – one hand only.
  • Run the drill half speed to begin.
  • The next step is to run it half speed, but put the receivers at the top of the numbers instead of on the hash so the distance the ball travels is a little farther.
  • And then phase three, we’ll go full speed at the bottom of the numbers.
  • Throw it no more than 10-15 yards in the air to begin. They’re on the hash and then we move them out to the top of the numbers where it’s a little farther. And then we move full speed.


Over The Shoulder Running Back Drill

This running back drill will condition players to catch the ball over their shoulder.

  • Use this as an end-of-the-route drill for more reps and more benefit.
  • The players can only use one hand
  • You can run this drill in tighter quarters for more reps
  • Switch sides and run it so they catch the ball over both shoulders.
  • If we want to make this a little bit tougher, we could add a defender with a bag and have him swing at them a little bit and hit them in the midsection with a bag so that they can work on concentrating on ball security.


Opposite Hip Running Back Drill

In this running back drill, we’re going to work on catching the ball when the ball’s thrown poorly to our opposite hip.

  • Try to catch the pitch or the ball on the opposite hip. It’s going to be behind him on purpose and we’re trying to teach the players to reach back with no loss in continuity and movement.
  • If it is a pass that’s behind them at waist level, they have to reach back and continue down the line.
  • Run this drill in both directions and incrementally increase the speed of this drill


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