Play Type: Zone Blitz


An exotic blitz that will expose all but the most disciplined offensive lines. Effective on all passing downs.


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For this play the defense will come out in their cover 1 alignment, with the strong safety up in the box, and the free safety back deep in centerfield.

  • Defensive Line – Except for the right end, the defense line will rush their regular gaps and look to pressure the passer. The right end will step up and engage his blocker momentarily before stepping back and playing the weak side flat zone.
  • Linebackers – The Will and Mike backers will play hook zones in the middle of the field while the Sam linebacker slides out to play the flat zone out on the strong side.
  • Secondary – On the first sound out of the quarterback’s mouth, both the free safety and strong safety will begin to move – the free safety up to the line of scrimmage on the weak side, and the strong safety back deep centerfield to replace the free safety. Once the ball is snapped, the free safety will rush the passer of the edge while the strong safety picks up the deep middle zone, leaving the corners to play the two outside deep zones on their respective sides.



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