Here is one of the [tag]conditioning drills for football[/tag] that I use for team building and open field tackling.   We call this drill Tackle Tag. Conditioning Drills for Football

Drill Setup:
Have 5 players line up on the 20 yard line. The rest of the team lines up on the goal line. Have your assistant [tag]football coach[/tag]es, or field markers, setup at the 50 yard line.
On the coach’s whistle the players on the goal line sprint down field trying to reach the 50 yard line markers without getting tackled. The 5 players at the 20 yard line must tackle as many players as they can. Anyone that gets tackled, now becomes a tackler. The players who make it, start at the 50 yard line, and sprint back down to the goal line, once again trying to avoid being tackled. Continue to all players have been tackled.

All our players love playing this game. I have noticed when they dog it on sprints and other [tag]football conditioning drills[/tag]; when we run Tackle Tag they become much more enthused and willing to work harder to ensure they don’t get tackled.

Draw back to this, ensuring no players get hurt. I have been doing this [tag]football drill[/tag] for the past 2 years, and have had only 1 player get the wind knocked out of him.