To emphasize the importance of staying balanced and ready to throw through the entire drop.

Set Up

  • Passer starts in stance, with receiver 5 yards in front of him and coach off to the side.


  1. Coach will give the signal and the player will begin a continuous dropback.
  2. When the coach calls out “HIT!”, the passer will stop their drop, plant and deliver the pass to their receiver.
  3. The QB needs to focus on recoiling their weight onto the ball of their backfoot and get the ball out as quickly as possible.

Coaching Tips

Make sure to vary the time you are calling out HIT as a coach – short, medium and long – emphasizing the importance of balance.

If the passer stops and is off-balance, that means they are overstriding and are off-balance during their dropback.

This is a great way to improve a passer’s body awareness, reactions, and balance through the finish of the passing motion.