As an offensive line coach one of my favorite football practice drills is the 2 on 2 zone blocking drill.

Drill Set Up

  1. 2 adjacent offensive lineman (center/guard, guard/tackle or tackle, TE)
  2. One of these will then be covered by a down lineman while the other is covered by a linebacker. With this alignment I can simulate most any defense we will face. Spring and preseason work against many fronts, in season work against the front we will be facing each Friday night.
  3. On snap count the lineman will execute the block for the play we have called.
  4. Take proper steps, proper hand placement and proper blocking technique on the down lineman
  5. At a predetermined time the linebacker will either “Pop” the inside gap or “Scrape” over the top. Each lineman should then react properly and continue to execute their block.

Problems I have encountered with this football drill

1. Linebacker moves to quick
Solution: Have him count 1,000 one, 1,000 2 before moving or have the coach signal when to move

2. Offensive lineman leaves the double team too quickly
Solution: You must emphasize this. I tell our lineman we are going to double team the down lineman and knock him in to the linebacker. The technique taught should be four hands on, four eyes looking. Stay on the double team, DO NOT leave until the LB moves.

3. Once one lineman leaves to get linebacker the other lineman loses his  block
Solution: This tells me he is not exploding off the ball and driving as he should. Three words, used often enough, wonders in football “Do it Again”.

Get off on the snap count, move your feet and get the defender moving. Do not depend on the other lineman to make the block for you. Do Your Job.