Try these fun football blocking drills with your kids football team. After mastering the base stance I turn my focus to teaching body posture during the drive block.

For my offensive lineman it is essential to teach the proper body posture while drive blocking.

  1. Have your football player stand with his feet a little further than shoulder width apart.   Head up, flat back, hands on the ground.   He is on all fours.   This will be tough for the young player. He will want to keep his head down, don’t let him, head and chin up.
  2. Now place a hand shield dummy under his hands and have him run, pushing the dummy along the ground.   Best results are on wet grass. To make it fun, have him do it on a slippy slide with a towel under his hands.
  3. Next, same starting posture in a three point stance, have him fire off hitting you with the shield and driving his feet.   Make sure that his hips constantly move closer to you as he works from the bottom to the top of the dummy.   Hands should be extended, thumbs up, hitting the dummy with the heel of his hands.   Lock out the elbows.   Have him grab the dummy with both hands. Teach him to hold with inside hands.
  4. Next do the last football drill but have a 2X6 under his feet so that he must spread his feet apart while driving you down the board.