Drill Type:   Special Teams Drill


Sometimes the situation of the game calls for an onside kick. Sometimes a coach likes to use an onside kick as an element of surprise as well. This special teams drill helps the kickoff team practice executing an onside kick.

Set Up

  • Players will line-up to onside kick to the left or to the right of the formation.
  • Each player will be given a specific role that they have to fill.


  1. In the diagram above, the kick will be to the right side. The players on the right side of the formation will each have a specific role.
  2. All the players, except the player nearest the ball and the player farthest back, will charge forward and simply try to block the opponent from getting to the ball.
  3. The player nearest the ball will signal for the rest of the players to take off and then will turn and try to recover the ball.
  4. The player farthest away will allow the players in front of him to block the opponent and he will try to recover the ball.
  5. This drill should be run to both sides.

Coaching Tips

  • Coaches should look to make sure all the players are correctly fulfilling their given roles.
  • Also, coaches should make sure players are leaving on time and not going offside.