Drill Type:   Special Teams Drill


When an opponent overloads one side of the formation in an attempt to block a punt, your team needs to know who they will block and how. This special teams drill will help them make the right decision.


  1. Half the punt team will take the field – just six players at a time (the center, all the blockers on one side of the formation, and the blocker behind the line of scrimmage).
  2. Then a punt block team will take the field opposite them. This will be 7 players. Every blocker should be covered by a defender and then there should be an extra punt blocker on one side.
  3. Just 1 of the outside players will rush the punt. The coach can choose to shift the line of punt blockers to the left or the right.
  4. The blockers need to look to see which players are rushing and they need to block the correct guys. In general they should take the guy who is lined up directly on them.

Coaching Tips

  • Coaches should make sure that the correct rushers are being blocked. The blockers should look to block from the inside out, since it takes longer for an outside rusher to get to the punter.