Many times, players are afraid to go block the kick, because of the fear of a resulting penalty. This is a great punt pressure drill that you can use to teach your players how to block a kick properly from the angle that they are approaching from.

Set Up

  • Place 3 players along the line
  • Each player will take off one at a time, and they will all be approaching from different angles
  • The blocker is going to simulate a kick slide situation, and he is going to get up underneath the kick slide to block the kick


1.   If you are blocking the punt on the kickers leg side, the blocker is going to put his arms and hands out approximately one yard from the ball (or the block point) and the blocker is going to focus on not only getting his hands on the ball, but also on turning his shoulder pads slightly inside, dropping his inside shoulder so that he now has a full surface of his chest and his abdominal area to use to block the kick.   The upfield foot should be planted so that he can push off, turn his body and almost work flat down the line of scrimmage.

2.   The inside blocker is not going to bring his body in front of the kicker because chances are very good that he is going to come in across the body. The inside blocker never wants to slow down his acceleration when he is coming from the ball side. This blocker is going to come in on the kicker sideways to knock down the ball to avoid the kickers foot.

3.   The inside blocker who is away from the kickers leg is going to need to go across the body to get into a position as if they were working from the kickers leg side. He does this by turning his shoulders upright and going flat.

Coaching Tips

A good punt blocker is never going to leave their feet. You don’t block the kick by going airborne – even in desperation, because that’s a good way of getting tangled up with the kicker’s foot and missing the ball.

Video Demonstration


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