“Ready, Set, Hut” Team Drill

Drill Type: Team Drill


This team drill will help players to get in the proper stance pre-snap. It will also help them explode on the snap of the ball.

Set Up:

Players get in lines across the field. Each player needs to be able to have the space to explode forward. (The quarterbacks will need room to go backward.)


  1. The coach will yell “Ready” and the players will plant their feet and prepare to get into their assigned stance.
  2. The coach will yell “Set” and the players will get into their specific stance that corresponds to their position.
  3. The coach will yell “Hut” and the players will explode forward three steps. (The quarterbacks will go into their drop back.)
  4. This drill should be repeated several times.

Coaching Tips:

  • On each command coaches should be walking around and looking at all the players.
  • Coaches should correct any stances that aren’t correct.
  • Any players that explode too late or without energy should be corrected.

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