Drill Type:   Special Teams Drill


It’s important for players to set-up in the correct spot to block when returning a kick. This is a great special teams drill to teach the return team how to properly block for the return.

Kickoff Return Drill
Kickoff Return Drill


  1. The kick return team will be on the field for this drill. They will set-up however they are asked to set-up in an actual game.
  2. There will be another coach about 30 yards downfield. This coach will throw the ball to one of the return men. The throwing of the ball will simulate the actual kick.
  3. There will be a coach standing near where the opposing kicker would kickoff. This coach will simulate each kickoff.
  4. After the coach has thrown the ball to a return man, the return team has to find the ball then sprint to the correct spot on the field where they will have to block for the return.

Coaching Tips

  • Coaches need to make sure that all players know where they’re supposed to go to block while the ball is in the air. All players need to get to the correct spot as fast as possible.