Here we look to attack the strong side of the formation, with the Sam linebacker coming on a blitz to the ”˜B’ gap while the rest of the defense players give a ”˜Cover 1’ look.

samson blitz


Defensive Line: The defensive line will rush their regular gaps, trying to beat their blockers and get to the quarterback.

Linebackers: At the snap of the ball, the Sam linebacker will blitz, attacking the ”˜B’ gap behind the strong side defensive tackle. The Will linebacker will man up on the weak side running back and the Mike linebacker will man up on the strong side running back.

Secondary: The corners will line up in man press coverage with an outside shade, and the strong safety will man up on the tight end. Behind them, the free safety will play a deep zone, making sure nothing can get over top of him.


By bringing an extra rusher to the strong side, we put extra pass blocking pressure on the side of the offensive line that is traditionally better suited to run blocking. And if the quarterback sees the rush coming, he will likely be forced out to the left side, where most right handed quarterbacks are much less comfortable. The man coverage behind the blitz will also force the quarterback to make an accurate throw.


With the blitz coming into the quarterback’s field of vision, it will be easier for him to see the blitz coming and go to his hot-read, and once again, with only one deep safety and the rest of the men in coverage playing one on one, it only takes one mistake for a receiver to potentially get wide open.