Here is an idea for fun [tag]youth football practice drills[/tag]. We do this [tag]football drill[/tag] at the end of practices to have some fun, but at the same time they are improving their skills.

Divide players into separate teams (no more than 6 per team). Have each team pick 1 person to be QB.   The other players go out for a pass (1 at a time) on coach’s whistle.   After they catch the [tag]football[/tag] they have to sprint to a cone 20 yds down field and come back and toss it back to the QB, then the next player goes out to receive a pass.

If at any time the ball hits the ground (on the pass or is just dropped while running) the player that dropped the ball has to sprint back to the QB and do it again until he gets it right.   This promotes concentration especially when they’re tired. 1st team that completes it first wins.   Losing teams have to run or do pushups.

Variables: put one cone out 10, 15, or 20 yds from the QB and the receivers have to catch the ball beyond the cone then sprint to the other cone.   If the ball is under thrown before the cone then the receiver has to sprint back to the QB and do it again until it is completed correctly.