Coaching Football – Tips & Drills

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If you’re coaching football, you know you need fresh ideas for tips and drills to keep your team’s attention.  Here are a couple of suggestions to try with your team.

Stopping Unnecessary Penalties
Want to stop late hits and unnecessary penalties? Train your players during football practice. Condition them to STOP when they hear a whistle. During drills have the start of every football drill begin with a natural cadence. ONLY BLOW YOUR WHISTLE WHEN YOU WANT THEM TO STOP. Without even realizing it your players will be subconsciously conditioned that a whistle means stop. *Using a whistle to start a drill sends the wrong message.Coaching Football

Agility & Footwork
Set up an agility ladder and then 4 step over dummies.
On different passes through the football drill your players will do different steps through the ladder. They will side step over the dummies, hop, or do a backpedal weave around the dummies.

They like it a lot and you’ll see their footwork improve tremendously.

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