If you’re [tag]coaching football[/tag], you know you need fresh ideas for tips and drills to keep your team’s attention.  Here are a couple of suggestions to try with your team.

Stopping Unnecessary Penalties
Want to stop late hits and unnecessary penalties? Train your players during [tag]football practice[/tag]. Condition them to STOP when they hear a whistle. During drills have the start of every [tag]football drill[/tag] begin with a natural cadence. ONLY BLOW YOUR WHISTLE WHEN YOU WANT THEM TO STOP. Without even realizing it your players will be subconsciously conditioned that a whistle means stop. *Using a whistle to start a drill sends the wrong message.Coaching Football

Agility & Footwork
Set up an agility ladder and then 4 step over dummies.
On different passes through the [tag]football[/tag] drill your players will do different steps through the ladder. They will side step over the dummies, hop, or do a backpedal weave around the dummies.

They like it a lot and you’ll see their footwork improve tremendously.

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