Defensive Football Drills Using Bags

defensive football drill

Today, we’re going to focus on a series of defensive football drills that utilize bags. These drills are sure to get your defensive players ready for game time!

Defensive Football Drills Bag Series

The important thing with all of these drills is that your players are always moving. Once in a while, the coach will call a cadence, which is a penalty of sorts for the players not moving. If your players go on cadence, there’s an incentive reminder for it never to happen again, such as push-ups or sit-ups.

Here are some points for your players to keep in mind while doing these football drills:

  • Keep your head up
  • Key in on the ball at all times–have a focus point of imaginary crosshairs on the football, where the four seams come together to make the “crosshair”

    defensive football drill

    Side Steps Football Drill

  • Keep your hand comfortable and ready to strike

For the first drill in our bag series, you’ll want to stagger the bags to work on lateral movement off the get-off. This is the “side step” drill, and it works on agility, lateral movement, and no crossovers. For this drill, your players will want to keep a wider base, keep their feet on the ground as much as possible so they don’t knocked around when they’re actually playing, keep their hips a bit lower than usual, and focus on having the quickest feet possible.

Lateral Weave Football Drill

Lateral Weave Football Drill

The next drill is a lateral weave drill. This drill should be run from both sides, as all the drills mentioned in our blog. We’re going to have our get-off, turn our hips, and learn to keep our feet down on lateral movement. In lateral movement, your players have to be able to change direction very, very quickly. This is a good warm-up drill for working on flexibility in the alignments so they’re not too tight. This football drill also develops agility, quick feet, and promotes flexibility.

Popsicle Bag Football Drill

Popsicle Bag Football Drill

The next drill uses stationary bags and a popsicle. This drill’s great at isolating body parts. Your players should be on their knees, as they’ll be focusing on their torsos with this drill. As soon as your player has movement, he wants to keep his hands together and get his hand placement inside the frame of the lineman. It’s all about being as quick as possible and getting to that football as quickly as possible.

Sled defensive football drill

The Sled Football Drill

The final drill will work with getting your player’s hands on a get-off on the sled. And we’re going to take a release to our gap side.  In this case, some of the kids will be using arm-unders or rips, and some will be using arm-overs. Keep a wide base, a good get-off on the ball, a few steps, and then have your players use their technique. This is a base technique and then a move to get off of the block. Remind your players to stay low, get movement into the backfield, and move the sled. This is a predetermined move.

Do you spend a lot of time using your bags during defensive football drills? What are your favorite bag drills to use?


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