Tackling Drills Football – Conditioning & Proper Tackling

Here are two tackling drills football that also work on conditioning and competition. These give you the chance to reinforce correct tackling procedures.  Only use the second drill after  the correct tackling procedure has been taught, and once the staff is convinced the tackling procedure is correct.

Conditioning & Competition

You will need 2 blocking bags and a maximum of 5 players.
Player #1 is tackling; player #2 & #3 holding the bags (about 5 yards apart); player #4 counts the number of tackles performed by the tackler; player #5 is the cheerleader for the tackler.

Each player’s tackles are recorded and all the tackles are added up for one team score. Group with most tackles wins a Gatorade or some other reward.

Coaching Points: circulate to make sure only correct tackles are counted, bags stay 5 yards (this can be adjusted) apart, and everyone is doing their job as part of the drill.

Proper Tackling

Here is another drill that all the players like. You will need the schools high jump pits, or old mattresses , or even a pile of blocking bags. You will also need a blocking shield.  2 players per repetition.

Set a number of stations with the aforementioned equipment as your only limit. Player lines 5 yards from cushions and player with shield (stationary ball carrier) is in front of cushioning.

On your command the 1st player in the tackling line approaches the ball carrier and performs the proper tackling technique. The ball carrier uses the the shield to absorb the impact, but allows himself to be knocked back onto the cushioning.

Coaching Points: praise great contact, proper technique including leg drive. Don’t forget to reposition the cushioning after every tackle.

I use this one as a station in our tackling circuit.

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