While [tag]coaching youth football[/tag], I’ve noticed that many of the [tag]football coach[/tag]es will decide very early on in the season where each child will play (often before games even start)   and not revisit the idea during the entire [tag]football[/tag] season.

The problem is, these kids are very young and are constantly changing.   I’ve found it to be very beneficial to keep a note pad with me and keep track of things that surprise me about our players during our [tag]football drills[/tag].   For instance, we had a young man who had been slotted to play o-line. He was decent at the position, but not spectacular.   As such, his playing time was diminished.   One day in our general tackling drills I noticed that this young man was really tearing it up.   His technique was perfect and he had become much more aggressive since the beginning of the year when he was very tentative.   We moved him to d tackle and he lit it up the rest of the year.

There were numerous other examples of the same situation.   The boy you have one week may be a completely different person 2 weeks later.   I think a coach has to keep an open mind about where kids fit the best and must be willing to alter his plan to suit his players.