These [tag]football plays and drills[/tag] are a head to head match up between your running backs and the defensive front seven.Football Plays and Drills

What you need – You need to create a ”˜pit’ area, with tackling dummies lining both sides, and the players in the participating positions gathered around to create the pit.

How this drill works – This is head to head [tag]football[/tag], and it can be teeth rattling with some of the hits.   Defensive players are going to go up against their archrivals on the other side of the ball – the [tag]running backs[/tag].

When the coach blows the whistle, the pit begins and the running back (or any ball carrier) must go within the area of the tackling dummies and either drive over the linebacker or defensive lineman, or juke and jive their way through.  

Linebackers and lineman must take the ball carrier down, and not let them get by.   On most football teams, this is one of the fiercest drills going.

Result – A competitive one-on-one tackling [tag]drill[/tag] that will build the competitive edge in your players.