If you’re looking for effective [tag]football training drills[/tag], try the one below.   We use this [tag]football drill[/tag] called Hamburger.

  • 2 equal lines that are 5 yards apart and for what I call a tunnel.
  • 1 line is ball carriers, the other line are tacklers.
  • 1 player from each line lays on their back with their helmets facing inside the tunnel.
  • On the coach’s whistle each player has to get up and run on the outside of the tunnel.
  • The ball carrier is trying to get across the end line and the tackler is trying to stop him.

This [tag]football[/tag] drill works on several things: agility to get up off your back quickly, runners to lower shoulders, stay square and run over the tackler. The tacklers learn to breakdown with good, form tackling 1 on 1 skills.