Reading the lead block and then making a cut off that [tag]block[/tag] is important for the running backs to learn.     Use these [tag]free online football drills running backs[/tag] with your team for quick results.Free Online Football Drills Running Backs

What you need – Line up a fullback and a tail back in the backfield.   You can use a quarterback, or you can start the ball in the RB’s hands.

How this drill works – When the fullback goes forward on the snap of the ball to make a block, the running back will follow.   Once the fullback makes a block the RB needs to decide which way he is going to cut.   It should be dependent on which direction the blocker takes the block.

It is very important for an RB not to outrun his block or to run into the block.   A good runner can often anticipate where his block is going to go, based on the flow of the play.

Run this [tag]football[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag] to either side, and then you can even add another linebacker.   This makes the drill for both the [tag]fullback[/tag] and the [tag]running back[/tag].   They will have to choose the right person to block, and where the cut is.   This is a drill for the running backs to learn where to cut – not for the LB’s to make the tackles.

Result – This is a great drill for RBs to learn, and it is also good for the fullback to learn to go with the flow of the block.