Play Type: Playaction Pass


Once you’ve beaten the defense down with your power running game, its time to take advantage of those safeties creeping up to the line and hit the defense with a playaction pass.

This particular pass has a bunch of big targets available for the quarterback, with two tight ends running right across his face, while also giving him the option of putting his head down and just carrying the ball himself.

This is a great call when you know the defense is going to sell out on the run and you want to make them pay – a 3rd and short in the red zone for example.


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This play is run from a Big I, with just one receiver lined up on the strong side, a tight end on either side of the line, and a fullback and halfback in the backfield.

Offensive Line – The offensive line will not be in normal pass protection. Because they don’t know if the quarterback will run the bootleg or pass the ball, they need to block to the playside and give him as much time as possible to make that decision. The tackles and center will step over to the playside and block at the line, while the guards will both pull out to the weak side and block for the quarterback.

Tight End – The weak side tight end will run a wheel route as the primary option on the play. The strong side tight end will run a drive route across the field as a more shallow option for the quarterback.

Wide Receivers – The flanker will run a post route, taking the top of the defense.

Running Backs – The halfback will fake taking the handoff to the strong side, stepping up to help in pass protection once he’s sold the fake. The full back will slide out to the weak side in the flat, ready to either catch a pass as the hot read or turn around and act as a lead blocker for the quarterback as he comes down the field.

Quarterback – The quarterback will fake the handoff to the halfback, then bootleg around to the weak side with the protection of both guards and the fullback. He’ll look first to the weak side tight end, then next to the strong side tight running the shallow drive route. The fullback is his 3rd option and hot read, and he has the flanker deep as his 4th option. However there is one more option. If he doesn’t like what he sees down the field, or there is simply just a ton of open field in front of him, the quarterback and keep rolling out and carry the ball himself. This is particularly effective near the end zone, where a defender will often have to choose whether to come up and take away the run or take away a pass, and if the quarterback makes the correct read, it should mean a touchdown.“]



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