Spread Offense Passing Plays

Spread Offense 101

The spread offense, or at least its core ideals, have been around in football for 50+ years. In today’s game, its most popular iteration is the shotgun spread. But whether

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Singleback Offense 101

If you’re looking to run a spread out the defense horizontally, the singleback offense is the formation for you. Most commonly using a tailback, a tight end, and three receivers,

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pro set offense

Pro Set Offense 101

The Pro Set offense, sometimes called split backs, was an incredibly popular offense for close to 40 years in the NFL, and is still used quite a bit. Originally, it was

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I-Formation Offense

I-Formation Offense 101

Designed to overpower the defense at the line, the I-Formation Offense is a great way to play smash mouth football. Often credited to Tom Nugent, the exact creator of the I

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Double Wing Offense 101

Created by Pop Warner, the Double wing offense has been tearing defenses apart for 100 years now - that’s a lot of touchdowns. But the father of the offense, the man

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Wing-T Offense 101

Glenn Warner, or as he was better known, Pop, laid the ground work for the Wing-T offense with his single wing scheme. At a time when everyone was concerned with

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Shotgun Trips TE – Spacing

Play Type:   Quick Pass Setup Another quick, high percentage play that fits perfectly within the west coast philosophy, this play uses horizontal spacing to open up receivers for a quick catch. This

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5 Laws For Red Zone Offense

Play selection in the red zone can be a challenge for even the most experienced coaches. The shorter field takes half of your football playbook out of the equation. Defenses are

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