If you are looking for more great football plays, I have got another killer I Form Running Play for you today!

Football Plays – The Strategy

Football is a game of inches, and sometimes, that’s all you need – a couple of inches. Here’s a no-nonsense, powerblocking run, great for 3rd or 4th and inches, or anywhere down near the goalline. And if no holes open up quick enough, tell your TB to dive up and over the line!

football plays jumboright26power


Player Responsibilities

Offensive Line
LT: Blocks man, seals him outside.
LG: Blocks man, seals him outside.
C: Leads right, stopping any penetration by LBs or DTs.
RG: Leads left, blocking first DT.
RT: Blocks DT any direction.

Backs & Receivers
LTE: Blocks man, seals him outside.
RTE: Blocks DE any direction.
FB: Reads RT’s block, going either inside or outside.
PB: Reads RTE’s block, going either inside or outside.
TB: Follows FB and PB, pacing himself, waiting for a hole he can explode out of to appear.
QB: Hands ball to TB and gets out of the way.

Coaching Tips

  • The direction of the blocks for the RT and RTE don’t matter – but sustaining them for as long as possible does.
  • If you don’t have an effective power runner, take a page out of Bill Belichick’s book and give an OLB a shot – they’ve go the perfect combination of speed and strength to do awesome in short yardage.


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