Play selection in the red zone can be a challenge for even the most experienced coaches.

The shorter field takes half of your football playbook out of the equation. Defenses are better prepared, so you’ll have to fight for every yard.

And the increased pressure of the situation can lead to bobbled snaps, muffed handoffs, or poor throwing decisions by your QB.

The key to red zone offense is understanding what the defense is most likely to throw at you, and knowing how to exploit it.

These 5 tips will help you tighten up your play calling and have more success in the red zone. (Watch the video above for more detailed explanations)

  1. Is anybody peeking? Trying to be the hero? This distorts the coverage and could open up seams for your receivers in the end zone.
  2. How tight is the coverage? If defenders start creeping up closer and closer to the line of scrimmage, giving you the chance to run past them with a quick double move.
  3. Where do they change concepts? At what spot in the field does your opponent move to a goal line look?
  4. Don’t let the defense relax. Have somebody attacking the end zone at all times so they have to defend that part of the field – stretch them out.
  5. Keep something from your football playbook in your back pocket – a look the defense hasn’t seen before and isn’t likely to anticipate.

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