In today’s video blog post, we are looking at a kickoff coverage drill called the “Split Double Team” Drill.     The Double Team is very important if you are going to face wedge teams, or if you have teams that are kicking out.

* This station drill is also very useful in evaluating your players in terms of what position they are going to play on the kickoff coverage.

In this kickoff coverage drill, the defender is going to run through the double team using a “dip and rip” technique, while maintaining his balance and then going after the ball carrier.

The drill is set up in such a way that you have the kick off coverage player, 2 blockers that are going to simulate the double team – and a returner, just as you would have in a game situation.

The coverage player should focus on breaking the double team, getting skinny on the bags, keeping the feet moving and then breaking down to make a great angle tackle on the returner.

Once your players get a feel for this drill, you can have the returner start earlier to make sure the coverage player comes to balance immediately after breaking through the bag.


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