If you’ve got a QB with good legs and solid decision making, this football play can be absolutely deadly.

You can run it in almost any situation, but it’s most effective with lots of field to work with on the weak side.So wait until you’ve got the ball on one the hash marks, and let ‘er rip! Here’s how it works…

singleback trips right blast option football play

Offensive Line

LT:   Seals the DT outside with a block.

LG: Double teams NT with C.

C: Double teams NT with LG.

RG:   Reach block the strong side ILB.

RT: Reach block the weak side ILB.

Backs & Receivers

TE: Seals the DE outside with a block.

SE: Releases to stalk block the CB.

WB: Releases to stalk block the SS.

SB: Backs up 3 steps on the snap, waiting for the QB to get outside of the RT – then swings outside.

TB: Runs straight up the RG’s right leg, then downfield.

QB: Pivots to the TB with the ball out, then reads the DL to make his decision.

Coaching Tips

As the QB reverse pivots with the ball out, he’ll actually put it in the arms of the TB.

They will run together for a couple of yards before he makes his decision.

The QB needs to focus on the weakside OLB and read his reaction to make his decision on whether to

a) hand it off to the TB or

b) peel outside for the option, and

c) if/when to pitch the ball to the SB.

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