In today’s blog post, we are demonstrating an excellent practice drill for receivers that will get them comfortable with escaping from a pressed defensive back.

Practice Drill for Receivers: Release & Separate from Pressed DB

In this drill, our focus is to emphasize our release and then working against a pressed defensive back.

Elements you want to encourage:

  • Follow the concept of attacking half the defender, using good body lean
  • As you defeat the defender, you want to retrace to where you saw the defensive back last.
  • If he’s in position, touch his opposite shoulder from where you’re running to give him a false read.
  • Stick the route and run it. Whether it is an out cut or an in cut, this is what’s critical in separating from a defensive back.

Additional points to check:

  • You want your body over your knees in good lean position.
  • Use your hands.
  • Use the rip or swim move.


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