Play Type:    Zone Run


The outside zone, combined with the inside zone, is the basis for any zone blocking scheme.

It isn’t variety and trickery you’re relying on here, but rather execution from your offensive line and vision from your running back.

This is a solid playcall in any situation aside from third and long.


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This play is run from a Singleback Big formation, with two receivers, two tight ends, and one halfback on the field.

Offensive Line – The offensive line – zone blocking here – will not have any man assignment. Instead, they will take their initial step to whichever side the play is being run to, blocking the first defender to come into their gap/zone.

Tight Ends – Both tight ends will also be zone blocking here, with the playside tight end helping on the edge before moving up to the next level of the defense. The back side tight end will executing a hinge block to keep the defensive end from getting into the backfield and chasing the running back down from behind.

Wide Receivers – The playside wide out must get a good block on his man, pushing him downfield and keeping him engaged long enough for the running back to get by. The backside receiver will also block his man, pushing him out to the sideline away from the play.

Running Backs – The running back will take the handoff from the quarterback and begin to run, aiming initially at the outside hip of the playside tackle. patiently flowing downhill. It is essential the running back however keep his eyes up, as he must be able to adapt and run to daylight wherever the hole appears, whether that means bouncing it outside or cutting right back down the middle.

Quarterback – The quarterback will hike the ball and hand it off to the running back, then roll out hard to the backside.



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