Play Type:   Quick Pass


Another quick, high percentage play that fits perfectly within the west coast philosophy, this play uses horizontal spacing to open up receivers for a quick catch.

This play is best used on 1st and 10, when you want to pick up a couple yards and get your team in good position for 2nd down.


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The offense will bring three receivers on the field here, having them bunch up on the weak side, with the tight end lined up on the strong side along with the halfback.

The quarterback will stand in the backfield next to the halfback, putting the offense in a Shotgun Trips TE formation.

Offensive Line – The offensive line will drop back into pass protection on the snap of the ball.

Tight End – The tight end is the primary receiver, running a slant and looking to receive quick pass over the middle.

Wide Receivers – The split end is the number two option, beginning as if about to run a slant over the middle before sitting down on the hash marks and looking to receiver a pass. The flanker will run a hitch route, and the slot receiver will slide out into the flat.

Running Backs – The halfback will help out in pass protection.

Quarterback – After snapping the ball, the quarterback will go through his progression from right to left – tight end, split end, flanker, slot receiver.”]




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