If you are looking for great football plays, I have got a killer I Form Running Play for you today!

Football Plays – The Strategy

If you’ve got a FB who can run a good Belly, this play will be very difficult for the defense to stop. Forced to focus on inside containment because of the effective play of your FB, the defense will be outnumbered on the outside, forcing them to choose to stop either the QB or the TB, leaving the other wide open for a big gain.

Ultimate Football Plays 1 Right Blast Triple Option

Player Responsibilities

Offensive Line
LT: Cutoff blocks weak side DT, weak side OB.
LG: Cutoff blocks NT.
C: Cut off blocks weak side LB.
RG: Pulls right and blocks DE to the weak side.
RT: Blocks strong side DT to the weak side.

Backs & Receivers
SE: Crackback blocks weakside CB.
TE: Releases to strong side LB, blocks to weak side.
FL: Stalk blocks strong side CB.
FB: Runs up belly track, helps on strong side LB.
TB: Sprints out wide, staying available for pitch from QB.
QB: Reverse pivots, running parallel to LOS towards sideline. Fakes handoff to FB, runs option with TB.

Coaching Tips

  • The TB needs to stay focused, ready for the pitch at any time, because often on this play the pitch won’t happen until fairly late on in the play.
  • The RG’s pull out to the DE has to be quick – this is the most crucial block to the success of this play. Otherwise your QB will be exposed, forcing a loss or an early pitch.

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