Here’s one of the football offensive plays for you that I run with the senior team I coach. Last year we averages 12.4 yards and we scored 14 toachdowns and 17 two point conversions with it! Its called the Jumbo Packing from either a strong left or strong right.

Jumbo Packing



This would be a strong side right starting with this order for the line: T,G,C,G,T,END,END.  Then in the backfield would be QB,2 HB,3HB,1FB.

With this set you can run several plays from a jumbo run to end motion, jumbo pass or even a miss direction from the set,because as many times that other teams have seen this set,they just don’t know what is coming at them. I have had teams throw 8 in the box,to a crazy amount of blitz plays to a nickel or dime packages, try it!

10 to GO

This is a practice drill that I have been running for 16 years.   I run this at the end of every practice when they are tired and mentally weakened.   I call it 10 TO GO.

What I do is line up all of my players on the 10 yard line with the lineman on one end. I have them get into their stance.   Once they are all in a good stance I give them a count, and then I (or the Quarterback) proceeds with the cadence.

If any one jumps or sits in their stance we go back to zero.   Our practice is not over until we get through 10 in a row.   For the 10th one I make it a 50 yard sprint and then jog back to the coaches for discussion, and then we break down.