Today, we’re going to talk about the pyramid philosophy, which will help you prioritize your football plays””and realize how much time you should be spending on them.

  • The foundation of the pyramid needs to be what you, the coach, are going to do, what you’re going to be about, and what other teams are going to have to stop. For example, football plays that focus on Power.
  • The second level should be some plays that are complimentary to your foundation (Power). For example, if Power is your foundation, then you’d have plays such as the Belly, the Trap, and the ISO.
  • The third level of your pyramid should be what you’re able to do in order to be successful against other team’s football plays. (In this video, the examples are the Option and the Outside Zone.)
  • The next level is the Play Action Pass.
  • The next level is the Dropback Pass. You’d want to spend a significant amount of time each football practice focusing on this.
  • The final level””the tip of the pyramid””is your miscellaneous plays: your reverses, your trick plays, etc.

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