Today’s video segment discusses some essential run blocking techniques that you need to address with your players.   From hand positioning to footwork, you’ll gain many valuable tips to help your players strengthen their run blocking techniques.

#1 Run Blocking Essential: Hands – Head – Control – Start position

Because football has evolved into a hand game, we focus quite a bit on hand positions or using your hands.   When using your hands, you want to be able to step up and get your hands into a position to engage the lineman as quick as possible.

As an offensive lineman, you want to lead with your hands and followup with your head. You then want to try to narrow the area you need to protect.   This will also help protect you from holding calls.

And that’s just for starters!   Running, practicing and following all of the drills in today’s video will result in these actions becoming seamless and second nature for your players.


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