To practice quickly getting into throwing stance out of the shotgun.

Set Up

  • Players will split off into groups of two and stand about 5 yards apart, facing each other.


  1. The players will start off facing each other, feet shoulder width apart and in an athletic stance.
  2. The player with the ball will ‘snap’ the ball to their partner.
  3. As the ball is in the air, the player receiving the ball will snap their hips and get into a throwing stance.
  4. The goal is for the player to catch the ball, ready to throw the target, without taking any steps after the catch.
  5. The player will then reset and throw the ball back to their partner, who will do the same.

Coaching Tips

  • The players front shoulder, hip and knee should all be pointed at the target, with their weight loaded on the ball of their back foot, and their shoulders relaxed.
  • Make sure players practice snapping their hips in difference directions.
  • This can be done with partners for more experienced players, or you can have the players line up and look at their footwork one at a time.
  • The no step drop on the shotgun is the equivalent of the 3 step drop from other snap, but we can also use this drill to work on the 3 step drop out of the gun, and a step drop with a hitch out of the gun.