To improve a quarterback’s footwork and ability to locate his target and make an accurate throw under pressure.

Set Up

  • Line up two hula hoops 3-5 yards behind you, one yard apart.
  • You’ll also have two receivers (or targets to simulate receivers) 10-15 yards downfield on both the right and left.
Sudden Change Quarterback Drill


  1. Quarterback snaps the ball, then takes a 5-7 step drop.
  2. On the last step, quarterback will turn around, rotating 180 degrees so that he is now facing upfield.
  3. Coach will identifies receiver for quarterback to throw to, who makes a strong accurate throw. If practicing alone, quarterback can pick his own target.

Sudden Change Quarterback Drill

Coaching Tips

  • Players should stay poised in the pocket and use sound footwork to open the hips, stay balanced, and release the ball quickly and confidently.