How to Fix the Most Common Offensive Line Mistakes

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There are many common offensive line mistakes that all teams make.  You see them in youth, freshman, JV, and high school football.  But today, we are going to talk about how you can fix these common mistakes!

Mistake #1 – They play too high

They are standing up in their stance, they don’t play low enough. You see it all the time – you even see it in the pros sometimes too. You want to make sure that the linemen is getting underneath his opponents pads, and trying to get the player back on his heels. He doesn’t want to try to block up high, he wants to get low where he can get his hips through , shoulders back and arms fully extended. So you get that punch drive climb – that’s what we want.

How do you do this? Practice, practice, practice. We have chutes on our field, but you can use anything – PVC pipes and make them yourself pretty easily. You just want to get something so that when they fire out of their stance, there is some type of ceiling on it that won’t allow them to pop up out of their stance. You want to practice this every day, and that will help them come out of their stance flat as opposed to standing straight up in their stance.

Mistake #2 – They look at the player they are blocking

Another thing that a lot of linemen do – especially at the youth and early high school levels – is when they break the huddle, they look directly at the guy their blocking. This is a dead giveaway. I tell my defensive linemen all the time, look the guy right in the eyes as soon as he breaks the huddle. If he looks at you, 99% of the time, he’s going to block you. If he looks at a linebacker, he’s going to that linebacker, which means you’re going to get trapped or down-blocked. So there are a lot of things you can tell your defensive linemen to look for as an offensive linemen when they break the huddle, so as an offensive linemen you need to be aware of that – you come out of the huddle and look straight ahead. Don’t look anyone in the eye, get down in your stance and keep looking straight ahead.


Do you see these mistakes with your own offensive line players?  If so, hopefully these tips will help!  Be sure to come back and let me know how it works out!  And don’t forget to Become a Fan on Facebook, where you can discuss this, and other offensive line drills, techniques and tips with other coaches and players!


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