4 Drills to Work on Getting a Winning Defensive Line

Today, I’m going to go over some football drills that are sure to give you that winning defensive line you’re looking for.

shake and bake football drill

Shake and Bake Drill

Shake and Bake Drill

This is the first of a series of football drills that you’ll do on the bell dummies.

Your player will go up to each bag and shake it. The key is to make sure you’re getting good upper body movement.

A lot of kids’ll want to dazzle their feet. That does not get an offensive lineman to stop kicking back on his pass. You want to see upper body movement. Upper body movement stops the offensive lineman’s feet, puts them in stone, and it gives you hands so you can execute a pass rush move.

Shake and bake is very, very effective in stopping an offensive lineman from kicking back and taking him to where you surface to get to the quarterback; it also allows you to get hands, which is very important to us.

slap passover football drill

Slap Passover Drill

Slap Passover Drill

A lot of people call this type of football drill a swim. I don’t like to call it this because with a swim, you expose yourself to get stabbed in the heart by an offensive lineman just to punch you.

I want it to be a slap and tight, bring it right over the top. All we’re going to do is slap and pass it over down the through the bags.

slap uppercut football drill

Slap Uppercut Drill

Slap Uppercut Drill

All we’re doing is simply practicing pass rush moves–tools that these kids can use.

I believe that when you slap and you upper cut, you slap to get away and when you upper cut, you end up locking back up with the offensive lineman.

ninja football drill

Ninja Drill

Ninja Drill

I allow my players to spin and it takes a lot of practice, but I think it’s a very, very effective pass rush move. We call it spin twirl.

Now the key is, these bags don’t move with you. So we really want to step and sell this being the ninja, the off hand. As you spin, you want to bring that hand around. You want to come up, sell, ninja. That propels you to the quarterback. You’re looking for surface, and that propels you in a direct line to the quarterback.

I call it the ninja drill because that’s what I want to pay the most importance to–that off hand. As we spin, it’s very important that we whip that hand around, slap him in the back, and propel us to the quarterback.

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